The company is committed to solve the power problem communications, military, civil, commercial, public utilities and other fields, while providing new energy networks, and commercial application of micro-generation investment and other power supply solutions

On-grid Solution

System characteristics:◎Grid connection at medium power, and lower requirements for grid connection side ◎Systema...

Micro-grid Solution

System characteristics:◎Suitable for different types of environment, easy to schedule, secure and reliable ◎Suitable f...

Off-grid Solution

System characteristics:◎A new energy supply system more economical and environmentally friendly than diesel power g...

Telecommunication Solution

System characteristics:◎Single-energy or multi-energy hybrid power supply, stable and reliable system ◎Along with r...

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Shanghai Zhiyuan the "Envision - customer focus paid off - business class struggle plastic
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Ghrepower First Wind Turbine GHRE19.8J Successfully Completed On-grid Connectio

On November 9th, 2016 local time, Shanghai Ghrepower's first GHRE19.8J wind turbine successfully completed on-grid connection in Japan. This marks a significant breakthrough in Shang...

publisher:admin / 2016-11-21

WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

From September 27-30, 2016, Hamburg will again become your gateway to the world of wind energy. The world’s leading expo for wind energy, WindEnergy Hamburg, will provide a c...

publisher:admin / 2016-07-12

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